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Please note that these are the selected sessions but the allocated time slots are not final and will be updated soon.
Check-in & Light Breakfast
Opening words
Keynote | English | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Gil Tayar

he history of the JavaScript ecosystem can be described as a move from a simple ecosystem with no tooling (just write the code and F5!) in the 90s, towards the current wave...

English/Hebrew-TBA | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Yoav Abrahami

React, Angular, Vue, Svelte are the leading frameworks today, and rightly so. But all of them as well as other “current generation” frameworks have limitations...

English | Intermediate | React Focus
Alon Valadji

In conjunction with Next.js Server Components, shipping and writing less JavaScript to the client has become more popular. It has also introduced Server Actions...

English | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Kevin Maes

When was the moment you first realized that coding was pure joy? We all need a well-deserved break from feature releases, meetings, bug fixes, tech debt, and 10X burnout! Join me ...

Hebrew | Advanced | React Focus
Evyatar Daud

Have you ever wondered how React Query works under the hood? What magic does it use to be so fast and responsive? How to write your own implementation and get better at writing such libraries? You’ve come to the right place!

Snacks & Coffee Break
English | Beginner/Intro | React Focus
Matan Borenkraout

As the React ecosystem evolves, so do our testing strategies. In this session, we delve into the fascinating world of component testing, pitting two heavyweight contenders against each other...

English | Intermediate | React Focus
Ariel Shulman

The most important addition in React 18 is something we hope you never have to think about: concurrency”- React@18 documentation
Well, in this talk - we ARE going to think about it!

Hebrew | Intermediate | React Focus
Ran Bar-Zik

Security issues are not only on the server side! With simple methods, malicious attackers can hijack your beautifully crafted React application and turn it into a disaster area...

English | Intermediate | React Focus
Evyatar Alush

Forms are at the backbone of the web, but building and validating them can be a tangled mess of code and frustration. As they get more complex, they become harder to write, maintain, and validate effectively...

English | Intermediate | React Focus
Tal Moskovich

Delve into the realm of React performance optimization with a focus on a simple yet powerful technique to minimize unnecessary re-renders....

English | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Gil Fink

Every web project will eventually need a components library and no matter which framework you are using. But, the requirements in each project are different and even if you will find...

Lunch Break
Hebrew | Advanced | React Focus
Asaf Shochet Avida

Managing a growing component library can be quite a puzzle. The more it expands, the heavier it gets with larger bundle sizes, dependencies multiplying...

English | Advanced | Everything Frontend
Eliran Eliassy

In the dynamic world of web development, crafting responsive and efficient user interfaces is paramount. As web developers, we often find ourselves navigating the challenges of managing...

English | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Noam Tahor Shafran, Tom Carpel

Imagine a world where embracing laziness becomes a strategic advantage in React application development. In this presentation, we challenge the conventional practice of purging old code...

Netta Bondi

Generally speaking, animations kinda suck. They require complicated CSS and JavaScript fine-tuning, often involve state management...

Hebrew | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Adi Achituve

In this session, we will explore "adaptive" and "responsive" design within the context of the latest React development. We'll break down these concepts with everyday examples, discovering what screen breakpoints are and how they come into play.

English | Intermediate | React Focus
Sagi Liba

Working with any framework eventually develops a mindset for its best practices, and React is no different....

Hebrew | Beginner/Intro | Everything Frontend
Ofir Elarat

In today's digital world, a fast and smooth website isn't just nice to have; it's essential for keeping your audience engaged and driving success. But how do you measure what "fast and smooth" actually means?

English | Advanced | Everything Frontend
Omri Lavi

In this session I will explain about the development of a special Babel loader, that allowed us to decrease our bundle size by a whopping 16%. We did this by inlining constant objects...

Snacks & Coffee Break
Hebrew | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Guy Nesher

Mini-games are small, easily developed, and can usually played in under 5 minutes - games like Flappy Bird, 2048, or the more recent 1D pac-man...

English | Advanced | Everything Frontend
Gal Weizman

Is securing a crypto browser wallet the same as securing a traditional web app?
In this talk we will focus on the unique challenges of securing browser wallets...

Hebrew | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Liri Sokol

Developers, you're invited to a deep dive into the world of SVG - the magic of vector graphics!
Whether you're handed SVGs by designers or grab them from free icon sites, this talk will...

English | Intermediate | Everything Frontend
Noam Honig

In modern web development, managing user interactions through modals and dialogs is a common yet often cumbersome task....

Cancellation Policy

Sponsor Cancellation:

In case of cancellation of the event, we will offer a full refund to all attendees and sponsors.

Attendee cancellations:

Up to 30 days prior to the event – 100% Refund 30-14 days prior to the event – 50% Refund No refund will be offered later than that.

Cancellation Policy

Sponsor Cancellation:

In case of cancellation of the event, we will offer a full refund to all attendees and sponsors.

Attendee cancellations:

Up to 30 days prior to the event – 100% Refund.
30-14 days prior to the event – 50% Refund.
No refund will be offered later than that.