Chen Feldman

Position: Frontend Architect @ Vamos

React Native VS Flutter – The Cold War Between Facebook and Google

Since 2015, React Native was one of the strongest players from the cross-platform frameworks.
Most of the developers and companies who wanted to create an app for iOS and Android worked with this amazing library (UberEats, Instagram, Walmart..)
But, apparently, not everyone was fully happy with its developer experience such as the integration with external open-source libraries and some more developer experience issues.

Almost two years ago a new lady came to town – Flutter.
It was created by Google to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android using dart coding language. Google decided to join the war of being the best cross-platform framework.
It surprised some of the mobile developers by its fast on-boarding and developer experience.
It even made some of the developers that chose to use RN to have a second thought about it and some of them even switched sides.

It seems like a cold war between the two which is happening quietly behind the scenes and might blow up one day and one of them will beat the other one.
Some even say the competition between them helps them both to overcome the Native market itself and compare performance and developer experience.

In my talk, I am going to tell you a story between two giants who want to win the cross-platforms frameworks market.
We will see the timeline and “weapons” each company used since 2015 to appeal more than the other one and decide together who has more potential to be the winner.

Speaker bio:

I am a software developer for more than 12 years and currently a Frontend Architect and a Freelance Developer , who worked in the last year with more than 10 clients using ReactJS and React Native (including moving a huge company from Israel from Angular to React).
In the last year I created and currently hosting one of the best podcasts for programmers in Israel and created until now 50+ episodes (React, Node.js, Deep Learning, Flutter and many more).
I really enjoy giving lectures to other people and to make complex technical subjects accessible for hearing and learning. I especially LOVE the ‘aha moment’ that people have.