Erik Rasmussen

Position: Internet Alliance, Chief Software Architect

Rethinking Forms in React

Now that we have React Hooks, you can throw away your form libraries, right? Well, not exactly. Managing form state is more than just holding your current values in state; it’s about sync and async validation errors, and much more!

Nor are render props dead! In fact, if you want to create extremely performant forms in React, render props are your friend, as they allow you to control exactly which parts of your form are rerendered as the user types.

We’ll explore, mostly through live coding, how to build robust and performant forms in React using a model such as React Final Form’s observer-based model to finely control which parts of your form need to be redrawn on every keypress, reducing your precious development time and developing great modern form UI that’s a pleasure – well, let’s not go too far…how about “not an immense pain”? – for your users.

Speaker bio:

American expat javascript dev in Spain, author of Redux Form and React Final Form