Jesse Pinho

Position: Senior Frontend Engineer @ Clue

Intro to scrollytelling

Interested in scrollytelling? You know, those web pages that animate as you scroll like the New York Times’ [Snow Fall piece](, or this [visual introduction to machine learning]( Interactive articles are increasingly common among online publications, and often end up being their most popular (and enjoyable!) pieces.

It turns out, you only need a few tools to make powerful, interactive scrollytelling pieces! In this talk, I’ll introduce you to a few of those tools—Lottie, Scrollama, and native CSS—and show you how to use them with React. I’ll walk through the process of creating a demo storytelling piece; and by the end, you’ll know how to:

1) trigger animations when the user scrolls to a certain point on the page.
2) create scrollbound animations that move with the scrollbar.
3) render After Effects animations directly on the web.

You’ll leave with a list of inspiring examples and resources to build a scrollytelling piece of your own!

Speaker bio:

Making things with code. Learning how to human better. he/him