Liad Yosef

Position: Front End Architect @ Duda

Micro-scopes – Build a modern, modular React App in a bundled world

In this talk we will explore the great benefits of breaking a big React app to meaningful, independent pieces – each can be built, deployed and loaded separately. We will discuss best practices and gotchas when trying to apply this microservice-like pattern to the chaotic world of the browser, and how to integrate modern React pieces into an existing, legacy code, while sharing dependencies. We’ll witness how building the right pieces guarantees a brighter future for your apps.
By debating about the correct structure of our front-end, the way to break it into pieces, and how those pieces communicate and render within each other – some very valuable insights and practices come together.
Let’s dive into Neverendering story of modern front-end architecture.

Speaker bio:

Liad is the Frontend Architect and Tech Lead in Duda, in charge of its client-side infrastructure, technologies, and performance.
He is a web dev enthusiast for over a decade, juggling React, Webpack and Buzzwords@latest in order to always build the best user experience.